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Our services are tailored to optimize the negotiation skills of your team to become more confident and more successful negotiators.

01 - Negotiation Mastery

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Our flagship, three-day workshop experience is designed for those directly responsible for negotiating on their organization’s behalf. The Negotiation Mastery workshop prepares your negotiators to win across a range of complexity.

Participants in this workshop learn a structure and process to help them plan, prepare, and execute successful negotiations, as well as the necessary behaviors that lead to optimal negotiation outcomes. Using behavioral psychology and science, the experience helps identify the most effective behavioral, factual, and executable strategies to be successful every time.

The workshop is practical because we believe that negotiation skills are best developed by doing. Many different types of negotiations are conducted and analyzed using video to highlight the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the strategies, tactics, and behaviors used. Every participant receives personalized feedback throughout the workshop.

All experience levels are welcome in the Negotiation Mastery workshop. It challenges conventional approaches and constructs a solid foundation for progressing into highly-strategic negotiations.

02 - Strategic Negotiation Mastery

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The wise win before the fight

–Sun Tzu

Although this phrase can be interpreted in many ways, in negotiation, winning before the fight happens with thoughtful preconditioning, along with scenario planning possible outcomes. This approach produces a robust strategy and plan to win before the negotiation even starts.

Our two-day Strategic Negotiation Mastery workshop focuses on fact-based, strategic elements to build upon the skills learned in Negotiation Mastery. This workshop is not behavioral, rather, it is focused on executional strategy development. Attendees bring an actual negotiation case from their business to be the focus of work. Each attendee leaves with a well-documented, tested & evaluated strategy document, timeline, and a plan to execute a successful negotiation.

03 - Negotiation Consulting

At Wilson Negotiation Group, our executive management consultants, each with years of retail and CPG experience, can challenge and advise you through your toughest, most complex negotiations.

Our strategies will prepare you and your team to have the capability, confidence, data, and plan, to successfully execute your negotiation.

Our consultants don’t work alone. WNG has an extensive network of resources to help your organization assess, research, validate, and plan the most effective and profitable negotiation strategy.

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